Drop into the Gallery to enjoy the exhibition, then visit the Art Nook for hands-on art-making fun!

Enjoy a selection of art books, explore the gallery with I-spy, create a new project every month inspired by the exhibition, or use the supplies provided to experiment and discover at your own pace. Create drawings, tangrams, and more!

This month in the Art Nook:

High Energy 24

May 2–June 1, 2019

Create your own tiny house sculpture. Cut and fold to assemble, then draw, colour, and collage additional shapes, textures and sculptural features to make yours unique!

Cost: Free (donations welcome)
Time: Gallery Hours




Next month in the Art Nook:


June 6–29, 2019

Create a series of abstract compositions and self-portraits while playing fun drawing games. Take your drawings home or leave a few behind to inspire our next visitors!

Cost: Free (donations welcome)
Time: Gallery Hours





Total Time

15 mins


All ages




Art Gallery of St. Albert