Please join us for a free public tour of our latest exhibition: Changing the Landscape. We will be giving a 20-minute tour starting at 12:05 PM on Thursday September 20, 2018.

Changing the Landscape presents the work of three artists: Viktor Brim, Matthew Allan Clarke and Jeff Wilson. The exhibit features a contemplative video of industrial spaces in Germany, emotive concrete sculptures that challenge the traditional expectations of the material, and beautiful acrylic paintings of forgotten buildings in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. All three artists are encouraging us to examine how urbanization, innovation, development and re-development that chronicle human existence.



Upcoming: Dancing the Earth, Leah Dorion

“Dancing the Earth celebrates the beauty of the earth and the Energy of life that abounds within this great circle of life.” Leah Dorion

Leah Dorion is a skilled artist and storyteller from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Her vibrant and symbolic paintings honour the spiritual strength of Indigenous women and the sacred feminine. Dorion applies indigenous symbolic systems in her art to convey a variety of important cultural teachings. Incorporating a range of mediums such as beads, birch bark, river rock, and shells, Dorion shares her Métis heritage through joyful, tactile contemporary works. Rich celebratory narratives pay homage to her First Nations and Métis women ancestors, sharing stories through active, intriguing imagery. This exhibition will also feature Métis artifacts from the artist’s personal collection and the Collection of the Musée Heritage Museum.

Join us in the gallery on Thursday October 18 at 12:05pm to gain insight into the materials, methods, and meanings that make up the exhibition. Light refreshments provided.







Total Time

20 minutes


All ages



Art Gallery of St. Albert