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Sound-based artist Gary James Joynes and multidisciplinary artist Brad Necyk are no strangers to collaboration. Their individual artistic practices have involved noted and prize-winning collaborations with other artists, community members and industry professionals. Their co-exhibit and installation, And All of Everything, features a 3D-rendered video by Necyk, scored with minimalist electronic sound compositions by Joynes.

The ongoing development of this work has been a truly generative experience for these artists. Working responsively, they have been inspired to push their use of technology and their artistic practice toward new possibilities.

Part of the exhibit is Joshua Tree, a 25-minute, single-shot, experimental film about time, consciousness and ecological and climate change. The piece slows down time and immerses participants in an experience of synaesthesia that prompts viewers to hear, see and feel the work. A large, suspended screen and directional speakers produce a perfect dynamic range of sound and an unbelievably high-fidelity encounter. A truly immersive, whole body experience, ambient and reverberating score and arresting visual narrative plays out.

The high ceilings of the Art Gallery of St. Albert’s beautiful main exhibition space become part of the audio and visual experience to create a truly three-dimensional sound installation.

Image Credit: Brad Necyk and Gary James Joynes, And All of Everything (Joshua Tree), still from 25-minute 3D rendered video, 2019.