Birds, Bees and Ambergris

June 7–July 28

Gerri Harden








Opening Reception and Artwalk: Thursday, June 7, 6–9 pm

Exhibition Tour: Thursday, June 21 & July 19 at 12:05

“Certain behaviours of our species make it difficult for other creatures to survive”, says Edmonton-based interdisciplinary artist, Gerri Harden.

Harden’s unusual and brilliant exhibition Birds, Bees and Ambergris fixates on habitat loss, the effects of pesticide use, and the shocking amounts of non-biodegradable waste in the oceans.

This installation-based exhibition takes the visitor on a journey through a series of created environments. As visitors advance through the gallery space, hundreds of life-sized bees scattered on the floor are unavoidable. Their tiny dead bodies are harbingers of the imminent threat to the world’s bee population; a consequence that impacts man at the highest level on the food chain.

A baby whale reveals a stomach full of garbage. We are reminded of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating mass of garbage that covers an area two-and-a-half times the size of France. Close to 90% of all floating marine litter is plastic and majority of this matter ends up in the bodies of sea creatures. Scientists report that mass extinctions of marine animals are occurring at alarmingly rapid rates.

Harden has often utilized anthropomorphic animals to communicate her concerns and ideas through her artworks that are sculptural-based and intuitive in their construction. Many of these artworks are created from recycled materials, adding deeper meaning to the exhibit’s narrative. Harden hopes that her stylised creatures and messages resonate with viewers, encouraging them to contemplate how they might be a part of the solution to these troubling environmental issues.

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