Exhibition  Nov 24, 2020–Jan 23, 2021 Gallery Hours

The idealized neighbourhoods depicted in Conneely’s work are reminiscent of times and ways past. Her romanticised renderings of heritage homes and historic building preserve architectural trends past. They elicit nostalgia for simpler ways of life and quieter streets and neighborhoods. These charming structures paint a picture both individually and collectively of these architectural gems which remain in the community. However, these disappearing places and buildings may have limited time left. Once lost there is potential for their stories to also vanish. Conneely captures them on canvas and encourages viewers to share their memories to allow the stories to remain relevant and alive.   

“Neighbourhoods are changing. Little houses and businesses that once served to bring a community together are falling into disrepair. Once they are gone, the stories will soon follow. My intention with this series was to capture and elevate the small, humble places throughout Alberta to allow the stories to remain relevant and alive”. Jennifer Conneely  

Image Credit: Jennifer Conneely, Little White School, Big Grey Sky, Acrylic on canvas, 31×24”, 2019.