Art Minute: Guilded 20-20 Vision, Interview with Deirdre Allen

Guilded 20-20 Vision is a collaborative effort between the Art Gallery of St. Albert, and the artists of the St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council. Here is a quick introduction to Deirdre Allen, President of the St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council, who continues to be a treasured and vital part of this biannual exhibition. […]

Art Nook at Home: Remembrance Day Needle Felted Poppy

Today’s Art Nook at Home is in honour of those who have sacrificed for our country. Follow along with these steps in this post to make your own beautiful Remembrance Day Needle Felted Poppy. Give this a try and don’t forget to share your finished projects with us on Facebook. We LOVE to see your […]

Art Minute: Behind the Scenes of Guilded 20:20: Vision, Exhibition Installation

It is finally here! Guilded 20:20 Vision opened this week! Here is a behind the scenes look at last week’s exhibition installation, in this “Art Minute” video. The show has come together beautifully, and it is not to be missed. Come by and see the exhibition whenever we are open to the public (Tuesday to […]

Draw and Colour Creepy Creatures

In this Art Nook at Home we are sharing colouring pages made by our Gallery Helper, Evan Pertschy. Draw and colour creepy creatures in the windows of the Gallery or add colour to bring some cheerful autumn leaves to life!    

DIY air dry clay

For Today’s Art Nook at Home, we will be using common household items to create DIY air dry clay. Follow along with the steps in this post to create your own unique sculpture! Give this a try and don’t forget to share your finished projects with us.

Art Minute: In the Studio with Lynn Malin

There is only 1 week left to see Lynn Malin’s amazing solo exhibition Landwatch! To celebrate this beautiful exhibition, today’s Art Minute will be going behind the scenes to take a look at Lynn Malin’s studio. Art studios are brilliant and unique spaces, which can say a lot about a particular artist and their practice. […]

Art Nook at Home: Drawing with Charcoal

In today’s Art Nook at Home, we are going over the basics of drawing with charcoal with our Summer Gallery Program Assistant, Tessa. Get your materials ready and follow along with the steps in our video to create your very own charcoal drawing!


Join Africans and Descendants St. Albert and Art Gallery of St. Albert in a celebration of culture. Music meets art in this virtual class where we will create a “Caxixi Rattle” together. These beautiful rattles are percussion instruments found across Africa and South America, traditionally crafted through basket weaving, utilizing gourds and seeds. The rattles […]

Art Nook at Home: Orange Shirt Project

Orange Shirt Day is a time to honour Indigenous children who were sent away to residential schools throughout Canada. This creative project is designed to support the healing journey of survivors and their families, and to express an ongoing commitment to reconciliation. Before you start to create this art project, please learn how and why […]

Art Minute: Light (Landwatch Exhibition)

Lynn Malin’s stunning exhibition Landwatch captures some of the most beautiful elements of the landscape around St. Albert and Edmonton. She focuses on the colours and textures of our surroundings, capturing that special Alberta light. This week’s art minute explores her approach to capturing light, and the special materials that she uses in these works. […]