Art Minute: Virtual Exhibition of the International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA)

Today we will begin our look at the virtual exhibition of the International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA). Due to COVID-19, this brilliant international exhibition was shifted from being hosted in person at the Art Gallery of St. Albert to an online exhibition. ISEA members represent a huge range of artists, styles, and creative approaches. […]

Art Nook at Home: Creative Quilting

In today’s Art Nook at Home, we’re taking inspiration from our current staircase feature: the St. Albert Quilters Guild’s 40th Anniversary Quilt. Here we’ll show you how to make a decorative or functional quilt of any size without needing a long-arm quilting machine. A quilt is usually composed of 2 layers of fabric with padding […]

Art Nook at Home: Collage Scene

Do you have shelves full of old books and magazines collecting dust? In this Art Nook at Home we’ll use books, magazines, and materials you have around your home to create either an indoor or outdoor image with collage. Take inspiration from around you to re-create a room in your house or one of your […]

Meet the Artist: Lynn Malin

Artist Lynn Malin has been creating art in the St. Albert area for over 35 years. One of her favorite places to paint is in the Botanical Arts city. In this “Meet the Artist”, learn more about that and about her inspiration for the exhibit Landwatch, currently on display at the Art Gallery of St. […]

Art Nook at Home: Drawing Realism, Tips and Tricks 

Are you struggling with proportions and composition in your realistic drawing or painting? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get it right:  Create a viewfinder:  Viewfinders are a helpful tool when deciding on the composition of your drawing  What you’ll need:  Paper, cardboard, mat board, or foam core cut into “L” shapes   Paperclips, binder clips, […]

Art Minute: Landwatch, Viewpoints

Here is our next Art Minute celebrating Lynn Malin’s fantastic exhibition Landwatch. Landwatch is a stunning a vibrant survey of St. Albert and the surrounding communities. In 2014, Malin took a helicopter ride over the North Saskatchewan River Valley, allowing her to see the landscape from a bird’s eye view. The experience had an immediate […]

Art Nook at Home: Texture Rubbing Project

In this Art Nook at Home, we encourage you to explore nature. During a walk, take note of the many different colours and textures around you, and replicate them using texture rubbings in your artistic creations. Here’s our Exhibitions Assistant to take you through this project idea, inspired by our current exhibition, Landwatch. Also, remember […]

Behind the scenes of our latest install at Art Gallery of St. Albert: Landwatch

Behind the scenes of our latest install at Art Gallery of St. Albert. This was an exciting install and we are thrilled to share the beautiful works of Landwatch by Edmonton artist Lynn Malin, with the community. The exhibition is now open to the public. Come and see it in person (we safeguard your safety […]

Art Nook at Home: Felting Kits from our Gallery Shop

The Art Gallery of St. Albert will soon resume programming to the public this summer. (information and dates are updated on our website regularly In the meantime, here’s a fun idea to keep your creative juices flowing. Consider taking home a Felting Kit from our Gallery Shop! The kit includes everything you need to […]

Art Nook at Home: Make an Image of the Canadian Flag

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Art Gallery of St. Albert (as well as the Musée Héritage Museum and St. Albert’s Heritage Sites) will be CLOSED only on July 1 of this week. (Regular operating hours and COVID Safety Protocols are found here: ) We encourage you to enjoy celebrating Canada Day via the City of St. Albert’s virtual […]