Exploring Art tours are designed for teachers and daycares in search of a multidisciplinary learning experience in a contemporary public art gallery.

Explore our current and upcoming art exhibits at the Art Gallery of St. Albert!

The Gallery offers a multi-faceted approach to art education that promotes deeper learning and offers multiple perspectives for students to see and interpret the world around them. The Exploring Art program instils artistic behaviour and encourages students to develop their own creative capacities for learning, while accessing other types of knowledge and methods of creative problem solving.

Exploring Art students are invited to:

  • Explore art through relevant, engaging and thought provoking themes such as Space and Place, Material and Process and Art and Society
  • Connect to an artists’ work through the sharing of stories, experiences and emotions
  • Discover cultural, historical and social contexts of the artworks on display

We can’t wait to meet you and your students. We welcome the opportunity to tailor each special visit according to student age, grade and curriculum focus.

  • Exploring Art activity/Exhibit: Reconciling Edmonton (February & March)  

With inspiration from Reconciling Edmonton exhibit, students will make beading sampler squares using pony beads and yarn needles to create a simple flower (choice from a few different flowers including the Alberta Wild Rose) design on burlap while learning about beading as a creative and healing activity. Using pony beads and yarn needles with thin colourful yarn/string/thread.  Students will work on a square base that is 2 layers of soft grey burlap edge stitched (perhaps with a folding tape – volunteers could do this, quilters guild?), that has a flower image pre-drawn  (Heather and Katherine working on sampler project samples) 


  • Exploring Art activity/Exhibit: Reconciling Edmonton (February & March)  

With inspiration from Reconciling Edmonton exhibit, students will make a beading sampler square using various colours of yarn, pony beads, and yarn needles to create a simple flower design. Students will use these materials to personalize their image on burlap while learning about beading and stitching as a creative and healing activity. Same activity and description as February. 











  • Exploring Art activity/exhibit: Splendid String  (April)

With inspiration from exhibit Splendid Spring, by artist Cynthia Fuhrer, students will use photographs, printed images, recycled papers, and a variety of drawing mediums including watercolour pencils, to create sketches and personal stories to make a booklet about nature and our role in protecting the environment.    


  • Exploring Art activity/ExhibitHigh Energy  (May)

Challenge projects: Diversity in Structure 

Following a tour of the exhibit, students will make a creative collage as they put their imagination to work exploring the topic of Diversity in Structure, with inspiration from the exhibit. Each participating student will create a collage panel that reflects their home, personal identity, culture or background. 


  • Exploring Art activity/ExhibitAbandon  (June)

Automatic drawing – whole body movement 

Get the whole body moving as your students create larger scale automatic drawings followed by an exercise in reconstructing an object presented by the Gallery.  This art experience and Gallery tour will explore the learning that takes place when a student abandons preconceived ideas about how an object “should” appear. 


We’re a non-profit organization, and program fees help cover the cost of instruction, supplies and equipment.

  • $5 per student


Apply for funding through the Beryl Madden Field Trip Fund.

We’ll send an invoice to your school within one month—please don’t bring your payment to the workshop.
Please make cheques payable to Arts and Heritage St. Albert. Include invoice numbers and mail to:

Arts and Heritage St. Albert
Suite #200, 20 Perron Street
St. Albert, AB  T8N 1E4

For account inquiries, contact us at 780-459-1163 or registration@artsandheritage.ca

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Total Time

1.5 hours


Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Curriculum Link

Art, Creative Expression, Language Arts, Social Studies


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