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Ladybugs are among the most well known insects with their attractive red shells and black spots. But, did you know that brightly coloured insects are a warning to birds and other predators that they don’t taste good? In this class, students will examine images of Ladybugs (also known as Ladybirds) and learn the stages of metamorphosis from egg to larva then pupa and adult. Step by step, students are shown how to turn a clay slab into a leaf before rolling clay balls that make up a head, thorax, abdomen and protective ladybug shell.

Learning outcomes:

Students will:

  • Explore land based learning concepts and discuss environmental impacts on ladybug habitats
  • Discuss metamorphosis of common ladybug species in Canada and why colour, symmetry and pattern are important for their survival

Teachers will:

  • Learn basic clay hand building techniques and specific art methodologies that they can implement into their own classrooms

Curriculum Links:

shapes, animals, seasons, small crawling and flying animals

Suggested field trips to pair with:

Spring along the River at the Musée Héritage Museum

Preparation for Teachers:

Please bring your confirmation letter and AHF locations map with you. Field trips start and end as indicated on your confirmation letter. If bussing is late, instructors may modify your field trips in order to finish on time. Field trips are booked 30 minutes apart to allow for cleanup and preparation for the next class. Please be mindful of walking students through a public space and keep voices low while removing coats in the Visual Art hallway outside of the studios. Teachers will receive an email when clay projects are ready for pick up at the St. Albert Place Painting Studio approximately two weeks after the field trip takes place. Projects can be painted back in the classroom with acrylic paint.


We are a non-profit organization and field trip fees help cover the cost of instruction, supplies and equipment.

  • Minimum class fee is based on 16 students
  • $8.75 per student with a minimum class fee of $140

You will be charged for the number of students indicated at the time of booking unless you call one day prior to indicate a number change.


We’ll send an invoice to your school within one month—please don’t bring your payment to the workshop.

Please make cheques payable to Arts and Heritage St. Albert. Include invoice numbers and mail to:
Arts and Heritage St. Albert
Suite #200, 20 Perron Street
St. Albert, AB  T8N 1E4

For account inquiries, contact us at 780-459-1163 or registration@artsandheritage.ca

Information and Policies


Total Time

1.5 hours


Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

Curriculum Link

Art, Creative Expression, Clay Program, Science


Visual Arts Studios, St. Albert Place