Meet the Artist: Pierre Bataillard

Have you been wondering what our artists are up to right now? Take a look inside Rental & Sales Gallery artist Pierre Bataillard’s daily routine and his studio, located at his home in the countryside near Bonnyville Alberta!

Bataillard works in mixed-media to create abstract works that push the boundaries of still life and landscape into abstraction. His work is created from his own sketches of the landscapes around his home, and objects in his studio and home. You may recall seeing his work during our exhibition “Abandon” last June where Bataillard exhibited his work alongside that of AGSA pottery instructor Ruth-Anne French.

Visit our website for a closer look at Pierre Bataillard’s works which are available in the Rental & Sales Gallery!

This artist update has been brought to you by Leah Louden, Rental & Sales Gallery Associate at AGSA.

Stay tuned for more!