Art Nook at Home: Teabag Stained Papers and Mini Books

In today’s Art Nook at Home, we’re making tea-stained paper & mini books!⁠

Before you compost your teabag and leaves, make beautiful stained papers using the natural dyes of tea, then fold into mini books! Stained paper and mini books are wonderful for colouring, drawing and writing. ⁠

To stain the paper, press teabags and leaves onto a variety of papers to create interesting textures and patterns. Once dry, follow the provided folding instructions to create a mini book. 

You can still make a mini book if you want to skip the mess of tea-staining or just aren’t a tea drinker. Find a regular sheet of paper and go straight to the folding steps.⁠

This Art Nook at Home project has been brought to you by Katherine Hutton, Community Programs Coordinator at AGSA.⁠⠀⁠

Stay tuned for more!⁠