Meet the Artist: Leah Dorion

Today Rental & Sales Gallery artist Leah Dorion shares a link to her exhibit ‘Thirteen Moons‘ at the Dunlop Art Gallery. ⁠

Leah Marie Dorion is an interdisciplinary Métis artist raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. A teacher, painter, filmmaker and published writer, Leah has received numerous awards and grants and her work is featured in private and public collections. Dorion is a storyteller who uses art as a spiritual expression. Her paintings are influenced by traditional cultural teachings and often incorporate elements of Indigenous beadwork to honour her First Nations and Métis ancestors.⁠

You can find some of Dorion’s work available in the Art Rental and Sales Gallery .

The Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina is currently featuring her exhibition ‘Thirteen Moons‘ which explores Indigenous women’s moon teachings through her paintings and poetry. Visit for a beautiful virtual tour of this exhibit and to learn more about Dorion and her artwork.⁠

Pictured here are: ⁠

Picking Saskatoons
Acrylic on canvas with mica flakes and beads (24×36″) ⁠

and ⁠

Michif Horsewomen⁠
Acrylic on canvas with mica flakes (36″x24″)⁠

Both are available in our Rental & Sales Gallery.⁠ Visit our website to view more!

This artist update has been brought to you by Leah Louden, Rental & Sales Gallery Associate at AGSA.