Art Nook at Home: Pysanky Ukrainian Egg Decorating with Elene Hartman

Get ready for Easter with us in today’s Art Nook at Home with Art Gallery of St. Albert instructor Elene Hartman! Here she’ll demonstrate how to create Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) and decorate eggs with materials that you have at home.

For our egg decorating projects we normally use uncooked eggs and recommend storing them uncovered after decorating. This way there is no rotten egg smell, the inside dries up after several weeks and you can keep them for a very long time without worrying about the eggs going bad.

You can use any of the materials Elene recommends in her video or get creative! Stickers, coloured tape, and felt markers work well if you don’t have food colouring.

Check out Elene’s video and share your decorated eggs with us by tagging Art Gallery of St. Albert !