Art Nook at Home: Wild Rose Beading with Heather Shillinglaw

In our next Art Nook at Home project, our Indigenous Visual Arts Programmer Heather Shillinglaw walks you through creating a beaded wild rose – without using any beads! You can use beads if you have them or get creative and use dry pasta like Heather (here she uses uncooked Kraft Dinner noodles).

What you’ll need:
A handful of long hollow beads (Kraft Dinner and or other brands work)
A pair of scissors
1 button
Felt pens, crayons, paint or pastels to colour noodles
A needle that fits through your beads or noodles of choice
Fabric (you can use a recycled t-shirt if you don’t have any) folded in 4 layers cut 4 – 5 inches square
Tape (masking tape preferred but any kind will do)

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, follow along with Heather’s video and share your completed projects with us by tagging Art Gallery of St. Albert