Art Minute: Kookim (2018) by Niamh Dooley

Here is our second Art Minute! This quick, in-depth video looks at single artworks that have been shown in Art Gallery of St. Albert exhibitions. While it is not the same as seeing the works in person, we want to do our best to keep you engaged, entertained and uplifted with art in this difficult time. ⁠

Today we are taking at look at Kookim (2018) by Niamh Dooley Art. Niamh is an emerging, contemporary artists of Oji-Cree and Irish heritage, and she uses her practice to explore her Indigenous heritage. Her solo show, titled Nintawin, which means ‘my home’ in Oji-Cree. ⁠

Stay home, stay tuned and stay safe! ⁠

This Art Minute has been brought to you by Emily Baker, Exhibitions Assistant at AGSA