Art Nook at Home: Drawing Adventures

In today’s Art Nook at Home, we’re exploring drawing tools that you can make from items you find around your house.
Here’s what you’ll need to do:· Gather a variety of things from your house and garden, and get ready to draw!
· Cover your work surface with newspaper or plastic before you start drawing so you are free to explore and create
· Use toothpicks, wooden skewers, branches, Q-tips, paper wrapped around sticks, rolled cardboard… Cut, roll, twist and plait together, and bind with tape or twine
· Use acrylic paint diluted with water, or any ink
· Use a variety of papers: cartridge paper, watercolour paper, brown paper, newsprint…
· Dip your tools in the paint and scratch, splatter, tap, scrape, and roll your tools on a practice sheet. Now you are ready to draw a landscape with your tools. Work quickly and dip your tools in the paint often
· See what else you can draw with your new art tools!
· Share your finished drawings with us by tagging @artgalleryofstalbert

This Art Nook at Home has been brought to you by Katherine Hutton, Community Programs Coordinator at AGSA