Art Nook at Home: Pen & Ink Tree Drawing

Our Program Manager has been keeping our homeschool kids busy sketching beautiful trees. Now it’s your turn! In today’s Art Nook at Home we invite you to draw a tree using a variety of line-drawing and mark-making techniques. Click through the images to see a few suggestions.⁠

Materials needed: ⁠

-Pencil and eraser ⁠
-Computer paper or sketchbook paper of any sort ⁠
-A really cool picture of a tree you like (search the internet or use your own favourite black and white photo) ⁠
-Fountain pen and ink, Sharpie, black felt or black ball point pen ⁠

1. Look at the main outline of your tree. Are there a lot of straight lines, curved or twisted lines? A mixture of all types of lines? ⁠

2. Try sketching with a pencil, use light pressure only, to create the basic main outline or your tree. Feel free to leave out branches or parts you don’t like or did not leave room for. ⁠

3. If your outline turns out funny or you don’t like it, erase certain areas or try again with a new piece of paper. ⁠

4. Draw as many trees as you like but keep in mind that a single tree is much easier to draw than an entire forest of trees. ⁠

5. Focus on the many different types of lines you can use on your tree and how you might shade the darker areas using different techniques such as the ones shown in the images provided.⁠

Once you’ve completed your tree drawing, share it with us by tagging Art Gallery of St. Albert

This Art Nook at Home has been brought to you by Shannon Vance, Program Manager