Art Nook At Home: Mark Making and Stencilling Fun

For today’s Art Nook at Home we’re exploring mark-making and stencilling! You’ll need a few tea bags to stain paper and some home-made drawing and mark-making tools (made from skewers, branches, q-tips – anything you can find in the house or garden. Check out our Drawing Adventures post for more tips on creating these!), in addition to a few sheets of paper.

Step 1: Gather and add to the drawing and mark-making tools you’ve created from items around the house and garden. From a row of toothpicks, to bubble wrap and branches, explore the possibilities!

Step 2: Make a practice sheet. Dip your mark making tools into diluted acrylic paint or ink, and scratch, and draw to see the variety of patterns each tool can make.

Step 3: Gather a few sheets of paper (try different kinds). You’ll need at least one to create your artwork on and one for stencilling. Cut a variety of stencil shapes (leaves, hearts… any shape you’d like!) out of a sheet of paper.

Step 4: Press a damp teabag through the stencil opening. Repeat pressing the teabag through the open stencil until you have covered the paper, creating a random or repeating pattern. Note: if the teabag dries out, rehydrate with tea, or use another tea bag.

Step 5: Draw patterns and textures with your mark making tools. Place your stencil(s) over a stencilled shape, or a blank area on the page then draw through the open stencil area.

Step 6: Create added interest by using a variety of mark making tools and techniques as you fill your page. Which is going to be your favourite tool and mark?

Step 7: Repeat using different mark making tools. Match the stencil to the tea stencilled areas, and if desired, draw through the open stencil on white areas of your paper.

Have fun and share your finished projects with us by tagging Art Gallery of St. Albert !

This Art Nook at Home has been brought to you by Katherine Hutton, Community Programs Coordinator at AGSA