Art Nook at Home: Create Art on an Unprimed/Unexpected Surface

For Art Nook at Home today we are taking inspiration from the exhibition ‘Nintawin‘, and creating artwork on an unexpected or unprimed surface. As seen in her work in ‘Nintawin‘, artist Niamh Dooley Art primes her unstretched canvases with rabbit skin glue instead of gesso and uses a range of interesting found objects and materials like pinecones, tree branches, a ladder and wooden frames. ⁠

For your unexpected artwork surface, you can use a piece of fabric, cardboard, wood, book cover, paper plate or anything interesting that you might find around the house. ⁠

Choose a surface to work on and then ask yourself: ⁠
Can I stitch or sew through this material? ⁠
Can I draw on this material with pencil, pen, markers, sharpie, pastels, crayons, or ink? ⁠
Can I paint on this material with acrylic or watercolour? ⁠
What else can I add on with glue or tape? ⁠

Once you have an idea of what might work, try it out! Be creative and have fun!

This Art Nook at home has been brought to you by Alison Prsa, Visitor Services Coordinator at AGSA