Art Minute: Wunukwish wabiwan (Star Blanket) (2020) by Niamh Dooley

For this week’s Art Minute, we are looking at Wunukwish wabiwan (Star Blanket), 2020. ⁠

Created by Niamh Dooley Art, an emerging, contemporary artists of Oji-Cree and Irish heritage, Wunukwish wabiwan (Star Blanket) was the newest artwork in Niamh’s solo exhibition Nintawin at the Art Gallery of St. Albert. The work references learning her mother’s maiden language, Oji-Cree, alongside traditional medicines, and the striking geometric pattern of the eight-pointed star. ⁠

⁠This Art Minute has been brought to you by Emily Baker, Exhibitions Assistant at AGSA⁠