Art Nook at Home: Eco Tree

In today’s Art Nook at Home, join us in using recyclable materials to create an eco-tree sculpture!

Here’s what you’ll need:
-A small empty bottle (around 500mL or less)
-weights for your bottle (you can use rocks, marbles, dried beans, sand)
-Fabric in green or any fall colours (you can use an unwanted t-shirt if you don’t have the right fabric)
-Brown, red, or grey fabric for the tree trunk
-Felt pens (Sharpies preferred)
-Tape (masking tape or packing tape work best)
-2-litre plastic bottle
-Yarn, ribbon, or string in green or fall colours
-X-acto knife

Gather your supplies then click follow along with the instructions in the video.

Share images of your completed trees with us in the comments or by tagging Art Gallery of St. Albert

This Art Nook at Home has been brought to you by Heather Shillinglaw, Indigenous Visual Arts Programmer at AGSA