Art Minute: Organic Flow of Nature by Arijana Lukic

It is time for this week’s Art Minute! This week we are looking at our feature staircase exhibition Organic Flow of Nature by Arijana Lukic. Arijana is an emerging artist who currently lives in Edmonton. She works with resins, inks, pigments, and macro photography. Arijana is very experimental in her artistic practice. There is a lot of trial and error, she is fascinated by chemical interactions that take place between her materials. ⁠

“I am a HUGE believer that humans get together in most meaningful ways when we meet at heart. Art does that to people. Art unifies us. It creates a bond and a connection beyond rational thought. Art increases my capacity for love and this love, I enjoy sharing with others.” – Arijana Lukic ⁠

Special thanks to Arijana for sharing her process video with us. Check out her youtube page to see more:⁠

This Art Minute has been brought to you by Emily Baker, Exhibitions Assistant at AGSA