Art Nook at Home: Looking at Nature

In this Art Nook at Home we are walking you through creating your own phenology wheel! Phenology is the observation of seasonal and cyclic changes in the natural world. When does the snow start receding, and first flowers appear? When do the robins return? When do the cottonwoods begin to bud? When are the seasons and the moon cycles, and what takes place during these times?

Create your phenology wheel by recording your observations of the natural world to turn them into art! Start with your observations this month. Focus on plants, animals, or things taking place in your own neighbourhood, and how they change throughout the year. Think about what brings you joy.

Gather your supplies then click through the images to follow along with the instructions. Share photos of your completed projects with us in the comments section or by tagging #artgalleryofstalbert

This Art Nook at Home has been brought to you by Katherine Hutton, Community Programs Coordinator at Art Gallery of St. Albert