Behind the Scenes Timelapse Video of Keith creating one of the pieces: ILL Winds: West

We are looking forward to sharing Keith Harder’s amazing series “ILL Winds” with you very soon. “ILL Winds” will be hanging in the AGSA’s main gallery from June 3 to July 30, 2021.

Here is a quick behind the scenes timelapse video of Keith creating one of the pieces: ILL Winds: West.
Each work took Harder over four months to complete, a demanding and at times tedious quest. Attention to detail and process is crucial to create the effect of deep, mysterious darkness as well as iridescent light and colour. The results are worth waiting for.

Keep your eye on our social media for more videos of this fabulous show, and for information on when you can come see the works in person.

Image credit: Keith Harder’s “ILL Winds West”, acrylic on canvas, 92×116”
Music credit: excerpt from “Winnsboro Cottom Mill Blues” by Frederic Rzewski performed by Milton Schlosser.
Video edition: Ryan Humphrey