Exhibition  August 18th–November 7 Gallery Hours
Exhibition Tour TBD  2 pm


For 40 years, the St. Albert Quilters’ Guild has been sharing a love of their craft. Founded in 1980, the members originally met in one another’s houses, but began to meet in a purpose-built studio in St. Albert Place upon the building’s completion in 1984. The Guild has focused on building community through sharing their skill, technique, and talent with one another, and with the wider community. They have created numerous quilts to donate to local charities and organizations.

To celebrate their momentous 40th anniversary, 34 members of the St. Albert Quilters’ Guild have come together to create Ruby Anniversary. This stunning new piece celebrates camaraderie, creativity and fosters a sense of community through quilting. The pattern was inspired by Myra Mahy’s Country Faces and adapted to feature rubies, as a marker of the occasion. Guild members hope that the quilt brings a smile to the viewer, and perhaps inspires others to take up their beautiful craft.

Members of the St. Albert Quilters’ Guild, 40th Anniversary Quilt, 70.5×80.5″, 2020