Explore drawing techniques that will build your skills, confidence and creative expression! From pastels to charcoal, graphite to non-traditional materials, gain technical and exploratory skills to help you draw with certainty. 

  • Thursdays, February 23–March 9 from 4–5:30 pm
  • Fee: $45

*Registration opening November 16 at 10 am



Upcoming Classes:

February 23rd: Perspective Drawing: Learn to draw a detailed cityscape using one-point perspective and rulers to help with straight lines. Then we’ll bring our cityscape to life by adding shading and other realistic details.   

March 2nd: Animal Drawing: Try your hand at sketching out a realistic animal with pencils and soft pastels. Learn how to layer and blend colours to mimic fluffy, smooth, or rough textures depending on your animal of choice! 

 March 9th: Mixed-Up Monsters: Practice drawing from your imagination in the final Fearless Drawing class. We’ll create silly mixed-up monsters with the help of a fun drawing game, then add tons of details to our drawings using markers, sharpies, and other materials.   


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Total Time

1.5 hours






Art Gallery of St. Albert


Heather Shepherd