Beyond Traditions: Contemporary Fibre Hooking

Rachelle LeBlanc

Fine craft visual artist, Rachelle LeBlanc, creates hand hooked tapestries using innovative fibre hooking techniques, developed throughout her career as a visual artist.

Beyond Traditions features impressionistic, figurative works by LeBlanc that explore themes of family, childhood and innocence.


 “I create designs that are iterative narrations through figurative and symbolic subject such as family, places and ancestry.  The goal for my work is to create images that will express simple truths that evoke feeling, provoke memories and even transport the viewer to a time of innocence.  With hopes that every piece invites the viewer to linger over the unanswered questions it provokes, with hopes that the tension stays with them after they have stepped away”.

Rachelle LeBlanc


Art Gallery of St. Albert is hosting a fibre hooking workshop instructed by Rachelle LeBlanc. For more information please click here.