John Maywood

July 4–27, 2019

Opening Reception and Artwalk: Thursday, July 4, 6–8:30 pm

Artist’s talk: Saturday, July 6, 3 pm

Free Exhibition Tour: Thursday July 18 at 12:05 PM

Artist and former Curator John Maywood has an extensive relationship with photography, landscape and botanical art. This affinity is apparent in his long artistic career and is, on first sight, the subject of Atlantic Rim: Ecologies.

Composed from interconnected bodies of work, this ecological and environmental exhibition looks at the world’s changing natural landscape.

Brittany Rondels examines the intertidal zones at the base and top of the cliffs on the west coast of Brittany, France. The composition in the round is like peering through a keyhole to an unspoiled environment. The circular shape is a signifier of the earth and the cycle of life.

The serene spliced photographic montages of Towards Biosophy combine images from the historic site of Chysauster in Cornwall, England, and the peninsula of Snaefellsnes in Iceland. These digitally manufactured landscapes are at odds with the natural environments captured by the artist’s camera. Other worldly landscapes deal with what the world may be pushed towards; climate change, rising water levels and human displacement.

Only when confronted with the stillness and unspoiled beauty of these environs can we contemplate, with anxiety, a world without them.

Maywood will be giving an artist’s talk about the work on Saturday, July 6, 3 pm – FREE

Image Credits: John Maywood, Softer than Bombs, digital photograph, 24 x 40”, 2016; John Maywood, Between Ice Turbulent Sky, digital photograph, 24 x 43”, 2016; John Maywood, Intimate Cove, digital photograph, 19.5” diameter, 2018; John Maywood, Vertical Strata, digital photograph, 19.5” diameter, 2018;  John Maywood, Thrift Bank, digital photograph, 19.5” diameter, 2018. All digital photographs are printed on Epson hot press bright art paper.