August 2-September 29
Viktor Brim, Matthew Allan Clarke, Jeff Wilson

With the passing of time, human activity transforms the environment through industry, urbanization, and other interventions within the natural environment. The artists featured in this exhibition magnify the ever-constant changes to our surroundings through a variety of channels.

Viktor Brim was born in Uzbekistan and now resides in Cologne, Germany. Brim’s video-based practice centres on narratives of urbanization, modernization and globalization. Brim’s video installation, Serious Apparitions, is composed of six views of manmade landscapes. The combined time-based compositions show the steady but profound transformation of the environment. Vancouver-based Jeff Wilson works with acrylic paint on canvas to produce images in a distinctive painterly style. These paintings, drawn from day-to-day observations, convey the history of growth in urban and commercial areas. The surfaces of the buildings and structures become rich palettes of texture and colour, dramatizing presence and absence through their composition.

Matthew Allan Clarke (Edmonton) creates resourceful sculptures from found and made elements of concrete. Clarke’s objects mimic architectural form, and explore the creative potential of utilitarian building material. These sculptures challenge ideas of stability and create an artistic response, in part intended to lighten the frustrations of Clarke’s day job (in construction) – frustrations like structure, repetition and expectation.

Exhibition Tour: Thursday, September 20 at 12:05


Jeff Wilson


Viktor Brim


Matthew Allan Clarke

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