The Nina Haggerty Centre (NHC) opened its doors in January 2003 as a project of SKILLS Society, an Edmonton non-profit organization that supports people with developmental disabilities. The organization was interested in finding a new way to support people with disabilities in the community, one that focused on this population’s assets and capacity to contribute rather than on deficits and disability. Expanding on successful models pioneered in the USA and Mexico, the Nina Haggerty Centre is unique in its blending of community development and disability service. The Centre became an independent, non-profit, charitable organization in September 2006. The Centre supports a Collective of 150+ adults with developmental disabilities, enabling them to achieve success and be valued for their talents and contribution. They have been able to create artwork, to see their work exhibited in public around, exhibit, nationally and internationally, receive media attention and benefit financially from the sale of some of their work. For some people it is the first time that they have been recognized for what they are capable of doing and the impact on self-image and self-esteem is nothing less than remarkable.