Opening Reception & ArtWalk: Thursday, May 1, 6 – 9 pm, featuring a free photobooth!

Opening Reception sponsored by ATB Financial

The exhibition, aptly titled High Energy, has become an Art Gallery of St Albert tradition, enjoying its 19th iteration in 2014. As a student-generated exhibition it demonstrates the exceptional standard of visual arts education provided by St Albert high schools, commending the efforts of both students and educators. On an annual basis, participating schools work closely with Gallery staff to curate an exhibition that blends curriculum-based artworks with new works created especially for the show. Students collaborate to produce highly creative installations that both apply their training and develop their critical and conceptual approaches to art making. Students are encouraged to hone their technical skills as well as confidently explore new methods, mediums and techniques. High Energy never fails to offer a spirited, unpredictable array of works, ranging from photorealistic graphite drawings to mixed media abstractions. Ingenuity is bountiful in these fledgling artists who have been known to utilize a cornucopia of items to create their works. The detritus of modern life – spent electronics, food and drink packaging, newsprint – is often repurposed in order to explore narratives and ideas central to adolescence.  Images from popular culture such as advertising, cult icons, fashion, TV and new technology amass, forming a unique aesthetic and an inimitable visual expression.

Art Gallery of St Albert is committed to fostering the artistic talent of St Albert youths by providing an environment and experience that showcases their achievements. This fan-favourite exhibit highlights numerous young artists, some of whom the gallery anticipates may return in future years as established artists looking for their own exhibits.

Exhibition sponsored by Dr Alan Murdock


Dr Alan Murdock