Featuring students from Bellerose, ESSMYPaul Kane, SACHS, and Outreach.

May 7 -23, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 7, 6 – 9 pm

With creative minds and contagious enthusiasm, art students from five St. Albert high schools bring forth the twentieth instalment of High Energy. The artists of the future are here; vibrant and energetic and full of creative potential! Each year local high schools join forces to present an unpredictable array of artworks that reveal the unrestrained ideas of the teenage generation. Gallery staff members work with the art teachers to curate an exhibition that flaunts the exceptional standard of visual art education provided by these institutions.

This unique exhibition for budding teen artists blends students’ coursework pieces with fresh artworks produced principally for the show. Students collaborate to produce inventive installations that apply their training, and develop their critical and conceptual approaches to art-making. Students are encouraged to practice their technical skills as well as assertively discover new methods, mediums and techniques. A plethora of concepts emanate from the resulting artworks. Images from popular culture; cult icons, fashion and digital media, explore narratives and ideas central to adolescence.

This fan-favourite exhibit highlights numerous young artists in a single exhibition. A marvelous outcome of this twenty year tradition is that the Gallery has now begun to see students returning as established artists looking for their own exhibits.

The Gallery is dedicated to fostering the artistic talent of St. Albert youths by continuing this vibrant exhibit that showcases their hard work and accomplishments.