Exhibition  Apr 2–25 Gallery Hours
Opening Reception Sat, Apr 4 2:30–5 pm
Exhibition Tours Thu. Apr 16    12:05 pm


We use the weather as a metaphor to describe and express states of being. Keith Harder’s series, ILL Winds, is the harbinger that the storm is upon us, and there is reason to fear.

Through a highly involved artistic process, requiring many layers of acrylic paint and glaze, Harder captures imagery of extreme weather on a monumental scale – the largest painting of the series, “East”, is nine feet tall and looms menacingly above visitors. These striking works may be interpreted as warning of climate change, global crisis and impending doom. They also elicit wonder and awe. Each work takes Harder over four months to complete, a demanding and at times tedious quest requiring attention to detail to create the effect of deep mysterious darkness, as well as iridescent light and colour.

ILL Winds references the proverb, “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good”. Harder leaves it in our hands to determine if this is our fate or if, with hope and resilience, we can uncover the cloud’s silver lining.

Image Credit: Keith Harder, ILL Winds: North, acrylic on canvas, 69 x 93”, 2015.