Kasie Campbell in collaboration with Ginette Lund

August 1–31, 2019

Opening Reception and Artwalk: Thursday, August 1, 6–8:30 pm

Artist Talk: Thursday, August 15 at 6:30 pm

Exhibition Tour: Thursday, August 22 at 12:05 pm (date was moved from August 15 to August 22)

Emerging artist Kasie Campbell comes from an extensive line of female art-makers. Her brave feminist artworks mine concepts surrounding the lived experiences of women through the exploration of sculpture and performance.

Matrilineal Threads is a multidimensional exhibition that combines the artistic labours of Campbell and her mother, Ginette Lund. Lund fervently produced works for the show during the final stages of cancer, working on this collaboration up until she passed away in May 2018. Prior to that Lund also fought Lupus for 35 years. “She was amazing and she was so sick. I don’t know how she did what she did,” Campbell, 2018.

Campbell would draw fast, active and provocative sketches and send them to her mother in Grande Prairie via email or text. Lund would then interpret them in three glorious dimensions in crochet or knitting.

Their family holds a long history of gifting and receiving hand-knit and hand-crocheted items. This compelling and poignant collaboration delves into their intergenerational making and how it has unfolded through the years.

Hand-made garments, a crochet bodysuit and performances (by Campbell in the suit) reference gender and traditional and contemporary matriarchal roles. They expose the tension between what we think is beautiful and repulsive. The works demand attention. They are fragile, heart-wrenching, emotive, sexual, tactile, grotesque and unquestionably compelling.

Image Credit: Matrilineal Threads, performative installation at The Works Art & Design Festival, 2018.