Terry McCue

December 10, 2019–March 7, 2020


Art Gallery of St. Albert’s Staircase Gallery will be featuring new works by Terry McCue, a self-taught Ojibwa painter inspired by an array of influences. These new works contemplate human impacts on the environment.

McCue has been living in Alberta for over 40 years but was born on Curve Lake Reserve, Ontario. He has spent much of his life working and living in First Nations communities, and his connection to them is clear in his work. Having enjoyed great success as a painter over the last 20 plus years, he is known for large, distinctive, bold works that represent Indigenous culture and the interconnectedness of all living creatures.

“I was taught that the animals are our relatives. They don’t exist only in their relation to us. They have an integrity of life separate from us and it is our responsibility to guard their cultures. We have life because they have life”.

For McCue this project further explores his spiritual calling to express the sacredness of all life.


Terry McCue, Ermine’s Ferry, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 60″, 2019