Artworks from the Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

December 3, 2015 – January 30, 2016

Opening Reception, Thursday, December 3, 6-8:30 PM

Featured artists: Daniel Bagan, Paul Bernhardt, Marna Bunnell,  James Davies, Neel de Wit-Wibaut, Walter Dexter, Sarah Fuller,  Les Graff, Krista Hamilton, Gordon Harper, Marcia Harris, Ken Housego, Lynn Malin, Petra Mala Miller, Garry Newton, Baco Ohama, Bruce Pashak, Helen Sebelius, Nancy Tice, James Trevelyan and Rolf Ungstad.

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) collect, preserve and display works of art by Alberta artists. The collection features more than 1,700 Alberta artists, many of whom are historically important figures in the advance and growth of the visual arts in Alberta.

Through generous support and assistance from the AFA, AGSA is thrilled to share an original exhibition of artworks from the collection with our visitors and community.

Night Hours features works from 21 artists who redefine the painting tradition of ‘The Nocturne’ within a contemporary framework. These artists portray dreamlike night-time landscapes that capture the vastness of the night sky and the numinous darkened natural world. The mundane backdrop of the everyday is engulfed in dark obscurity, transforming it into a sublime domain. As night quietly creeps across the land the atmospheric quality captured provokes otherworldly associations, powerful emotions and states of mind.

The selected paintings and prints in this exhibit range from realism to abstraction in style and communicate a contemporary expression of this genre.


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