Jim Visser

Dec 4, 2014 – Jan 31, 2015

Opening reception: Thursday, December 4, 2014, 6-8:30 PM

Creating paintings in his home studio is a meditative process for artist Jim Visser who states that his art emanates from his spirituality. The studio looks out across wide open prairie farmland. Home for most of his life, his roots to the farmstead date back to the 1950’s when his family immigrated to Edmonton from Holland to work the land. An entire working lifetime spent as a potato farmer has afforded him a knowledge and familiarity with the land that is evident in his practice as a painter.

Visser left school at 18 when the responsibility of the family farm and land passed to him and his brother. Having excelled in and enjoyed art during his school years, he continued to harbour an interest in the subject. In his thirties he was inspired to revisit it. Keen to see if he could still ‘hold his own’ against other pupils he enrolled in courses through the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension. Encouraged by his aptitude and by a long list of professors and instructors at the University, Visser continued his studies and for over 20 years he received tutorage in a diverse array of art forms. Attending courses in the winter months allowed him the spring and summer to dedicate to his farm.

Impressively, after retiring in 2000 Visser seamlessly transitioned from farmer to professional artist. At that time he began painting full time and gained professional representation at a prestigious commercial gallery in Edmonton. His efforts have earned him recognition in the art community with numerous solo exhibitions and many works residing in private collections.

The solo exhibition of Jim Visser’s work at AGSA will represent his ongoing exploration of varied kinetic forces as they play on the land and sky. Characteristic paintings that respond to the vastness of the Albertan landscape will capture light and depth with life and energy, from vast vistas to intimate studies of the prairies. We can expect large vibrant paintings that portray an affinity to the natural landscape as well as the plein aire studies they are born from. Visser’s oil paintings capture the beauty of the environment and the turning of the seasons in a painting style that is both endearing and awe-inspiring. Visser hopes that viewers leave the exhibition with a greater sense of responsibility and appreciation for their surroundings, which nurture and sustain all life