August 4 – 27, 2016

Brad Necyk

Opening reception August 4, 2016. 6-9 PM


Issues surrounding mental health affect most of the populace in some way, whether directly or indirectly. Using an interdisciplinary approach, which encompasses mediums such as photography, video and performance, St. Albert artist Brad Necyk examines his lived experience of both mental illness and medicine; and their effect on personal identity.

Necyk’s works are frank autobiographical reconstructions presented through a subjective lens. These cathartic personal explorations of his life, family and illness, seek to make sense of his experiences. Turning attention toward psychiatry, pharmaceuticals and ‘bio-politics’, the artist articulates potent thinking and narrative concerning medical treatment and mental health. The outcome is simultaneously uncomfortable and emotionally affective, and whilst leaving some problems unresolved this exhibit promotes valuable dialogue, encouraging openness toward this challenging theme.

The ancient Greek word “pharmakon” is paradoxical and can be interpreted as both “remedy” and “poison”. In this respect, Necyk’s works challenge us to reflect, not just upon how the medical field functions, but on how it distinctively governs the individuals receiving care. Necyk is interested in how those who engage with his videos and images are able to relate to his accounts, to create meaningful shared conversations around both health and art.