November 5 – 28, 2015

Andrzej Maciejewski & Juliana Rempel

Opening Reception, Thursday, November 5, 6-8:30 PM


Artists Andrzej Maciejewski & Juliana Rempel prompt us to look again at the objects around us and contemplate their meaning in Posed and Poised.

Striking still-life colour photographs by Ontario photographer, Andrzej Maciejewski resemble the paintings of the Old Masters. In a contemporary twist the fruits and vegetables, carefully lit and posed in these atmospheric images are straight from the local supermarket. They still bear their label stickers with PLU numbers, shrink wrap and tags; each fruit perfectly formed, sized and at its peak ripeness, urging consumption.

Maciejewski calls this series Garden of Eden, citing that for our comfort the 21st century food industry has engineered perfect and flawless foods. Ironically many things are sacrificed during this process, such flavour, singularity and sustainability. We have become detached from the growing process, blissfully ignorant of the direction we are being led in.

Through humorous, yet intelligent cynicism, the artist inspires a discussion regarding our relationship with nature and the detriment caused by mass production and genetic modification.

Alberta ceramicist and sculptor, Juliana Rempel is influenced greatly by the fine art tradition of Still Life, which is the foundation of her practice. The large-scale ceramic sculptures she creates demonstrate the beauty of simplicity.

Inspired by household objects, she examines the relationship between seemingly mundane entities and the spaces they inhabit. Bottles, vessels, fruits, tableware and such are reinterpreted through the refined manipulation of materials and scale. The resulting layered compositions of colour, form, shape and texture achieve a subtle oddness that invokes suspicion and intrigue.

Whilst traditional ceramic methods are employed, Rempel also looks to the everyday to finish these objects, often coating key pieces in rubber or spray paint. The resulting vignettes question how we resolve the distance between familiarity and ambiguity.

As part of our everyday lives, we are comfortable with these items, it is our ease with them that charges them with meaning and offers the potential for reinterpretation. Removed from a familiar home environment and altered they become fragmented, dislocated, re-introduced as something other then utilitarian.


Posed and Poised has been featured in the St Albert Gazette’s ‘Artists about town’ column. Click here to take a look!