Alysha Creighton

February 5 – 28, 2015

Opening reception, Thursday, February 5, 7 – 9 pm

Alysha Creighton, a Canadian intermedia artist, produces evocative works that consider the connectedness, disconnection, intimacy and tension between people. Proximities, a series of site specific video installation works, offers an experiential art encounter, addressing social interconnectedness, as well as technology and how it alters human interactions.

Creighton, a MFA graduate with a background in dance, documents what she calls ‘negative active space’. When exploring her practice, concerns regarding contemporary social issues become apparent. Much of our collective experience is mediated by technology, particularly communication and interaction. Whilst we are frequently geographically distant to others we retain a sense of connection through technology. The same technologies can also create emotional detachment from those around us, leading the question, are these interactions truly meaningful?

Creighton’s figurative, performance works speak to the spaces embedded within the gallery architecture, creating a visual spectacle as well as a phenomenological experience of those spaces for the viewer. The exhibition in its entirety creates a platform for us to consider our methods of interaction with others in addition to how we create both emotional and physical space for them.

“These works mine the silences, the space, the moments that pass between us when we encounter another… Each work calls the viewer to a different engagement… creating an opening, a space, through which we might glimpse the ways that the unknown quietly intervenes…” – Creighton, 2014