Oct 1 – 31, 2015

Pierre Bataillard

Opening reception: Thursday, October 1, 6-8:30 PM


A small converted out-building is home to Pierre Batailllard’s studio, where he works full time as an artist in calm seclusion. The studio is just a short walk from his straw-bale home: located on his rural property in Bonnyville.

The studio is orderly, an ingenious use of space and repurposed furniture and materials. Inspiration is not in short supply here: each window frames a tranquil view of the surrounding countryside; wild plant life, trees, birds, deer and the occasional moose. For Bataillard, who (quite literally) draws from nature, this location provides an abundance of visual information for works that reference the landscape around his home.

Traditionally wintertime in the studio is directed inwards, mainly dedicated to still life studies. Bataillard’s new series, The Winter That Was, turns its attentions outward to the Albertan winter. Enigmatic abstract works decode the isolation and starkness of this season with expressive artworks, created mainly with pastels and pencils. These unapologetically sparse works embrace the winter using a limited palette, leaving virgin paper to describe the stark snow covered landscapes that dominate Canadian wintertime. Bataillard is equipped with a supreme understanding of both shape and form, an ability that results in dramatic compositions boasting animated marks and colours.

“As an artist you create your own problems and resolve them… in wintertime there is less visual information…the overwhelming presence of snow prevents some from seeing subtle beauty in of the wintery landscape, a beauty that is not obvious in the city”. Bataillard, 2014.

The following article was published in the St Albert Gazette on September 30, 2015. There is a wonderful portion of the article covering Pierre’s work at the AGSA. Take a read: http://www.stalbertgazette.com/article/VASA-and-VAAA-each-with-own-visual-tributes-to-the-province-20150930

Pierre’s beautiful work was also the inspiration for two art projects featured at the AGSA’s booth at Amplify, St Albert’s Youth Festival. For more information about Amplify and the gallery’s participation: St Albert Gazette: Amplify view as successful