Exhibition  May 6 to 26, 2021  Gallery Hours
Virtual Exhibition Tours of High Energy 26 Friday, May 14 at 3 pm, Tuesday May 18 at 12 pm  

Every year students participating in High Energy are given a Challenge Project. Assigned by the Gallery, the Challenge Project is meant to stretch students’ skills and challenge their creativity to produce extraordinary works of art.  

“Dealing with an unprecedented year, the project for High Energy 26 went in a new direction. Rather than creating collaborative sculptures or installations, students were tasked with creating mind-blowing, eye-popping, #trending t-shirt designs.”  

The assigned theme of “What Now? Now What?” drew a wide range of responsesQuirky and playful works sit alongside expressions of isolation and lonelinessThoughtful and thought provoking, each design highlights a unique viewpoint of our world today. 

 Over 30 artworks were created in a wide range of media. Of those, 10 designs were selected by a jury of students to be printed as t-shirts. These 10 t-shirts are now available to order from Edmonton’s Print Machine 

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