December 1, 2016 to January 28, 2017

Paddy Lamb

Public Walkthrough led by the artist, Thursday, December 15 from 12–12:30 pm: FREE

Paddy Lamb’s fervent works deconstruct the remnants of human intervention in the landscape. Concentrating on a specific quarter-section of land east of Edmonton, Lamb develops onsite sketches and collects visual articles, relics of homesteading and farming of the last century. When viewing Lamb’s works we see a curiosity and preoccupation with the examination and re-examination of the form, presence and uniqueness of these significant objects.

Collected materials are studied and serve as archetypes for Lamb’s ongoing explorative studio process that incorporates: drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture and video.  Through a progression that is potentially limitless Lamb systematically documents, depicts and dissects skeletal and rusted forms. The resulting workings echo and reverberate notions of abandonment, disuse and neglect. Potent artworks express the isolated physical landscape from where they were born, while expressing personal and shared narratives surrounding migration and attachment to the land.

Lamb’s arresting and contemporary works exude the formal qualities of painting and incorporate investigational practices that see the artist experimenting with surface quality, image layering, masking and innovative image-making.  Through the appropriation of physical artefacts Lamb’s work distorts our perceptions of the real and the imagined, giving life to new perspectives on history, culture and collective memory.

St. Albert Gazette Article

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