Brenda Danbrook

Opening reception: Thursday September 1, from 6 – 9 pm

September 1 – October 29, 2016

With an artistic practice deeply rooted in traditional craft, Brenda Danbrook boldly crosses the border into the contemporary with her large-scale installation Reconstructions.

Her work invites us to observe and interact with the marks of makers past and present. Danbrook’s own wheel-thrown ceramic dishes, adorned
with silkscreen images from her own photography, as well as cast bronze appendages and clothing pegs, interplay with relics of times gone by. These familiar vestiges such as antique washing lines and reels, doors and windows, worn by use and age, give us fractured glimpses of the past.

Through these thoughtful and poignant reconstructions we witness fragmented portraits of bygone people paired with everyday objects that remain behind, long after their owners have departed.

Brimming with Canadian nostalgia, Danbrook’s immersive gallery installation harnesses the idealism of past times, whilst speaking to modern culture’s constant cycle of replacing the old with the new, both literally and metaphorically.

is beautifully powerful, prompting a unique emotional response for each viewer. It grasps at memories and moments, and offers reflections and distortions for us to ponder.