Call for Entries

Q: I do not reside in Alberta. Can I submit and take part in the exhibition?
A: Square One is open to all artists who wish to apply. Please note that if your artwork is selected for the show, the gallery will not pay shipping or crating charges to deliver or return the artwork. Any costs in this regard must be prepaid by the artist.

Q: Do you accept photography?
A: Yes, we accept most mediums as long as they fit the size and presentation criteria outlined in the Call for Entries and Terms and Conditions (see Artist Contract).

Q: Can I submit artworks that appeared in the Square One Exhibition previously?
A: Unfortunately we do not accept submissions of works that have previously appeared in the Square One Exhibition.

Q: Can I submit multiple artworks for consideration?
A: Yes please! We welcome artists to submit multiple works. The Gallery will endeavor to exhibit all accepted artworks, however if space becomes limited this may not be possible.

Sales Proceeds

Q: Why should I donate 100% of sales proceeds of my work to AGSA?
A: Art Gallery of St. Albert is a non-profit organization (Charitable Registration # 868543331 RR 0001). Square One is our major fundraising event and we rely on profits to fund Gallery programs and exhibitions.

Q: How much will the Gallery sell my artwork for?
A: There are three price categories; $100, $150 and $200.

Q: If I opt to donate 100% of the sales price to the Gallery, will I get a charitable tax receipt?
A: Yes, we will provide tax receipts a few weeks after the conclusion of the event.

Q: If I decide to split the sales price with the Gallery, will I receive a charitable tax receipt for the 50% that I allocate to the Gallery?
A: Unfortunately we cannot issue a tax receipt in this instance due to CRA stipulations.