Judy Leila Schafers is a rural Alberta girl, through and through. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Judy grew up in the countryside on her parent’s farm near Barrhead, Alberta. Judy and her husband Shane now reside on a farm near Villeneuve in the idyllic Alberta countryside. 

Judy’s key artistic influence has always been Mother Nature. Judy credits her parents for allowing her the freedom to immerse herself for countless hours exploring the Hemmerling farm, where she explored every rock, flower, country road and pond she could find. It was this solitary process of analyzing the rural landscape that provided the catalysts for Judy’s future artistic philosophy. Judy has always been inspired by the energy of plant life, of beautiful gardens, and the vast, ever changing Alberta skies. 

Judy’s renderings of glittering snow, stoic rocks and the brilliant botanicals that depict a wondrous, natural vitality, denote a realistic style that Judy has perfected over time. Her botanical and floral paintings have been said to glow from within with translucent energy. 


Cards, Home decor, Paintings


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