Join us for a double exhibit. Solo exhibitions from Duncan Johnson (Edmonton) and Angela Lane (Calgary) will share the main Gallery.

Closing Reception: Friday, April 26, 2013, 5 – 8 pm.  Artists in attendance.



Duncan Johnson’s work in plane-space is the result of his experimentation with the physical means of painting. With abstraction as his primary focus, Johnson strives to develop meaning through the exploration of scale and physicality in his acrylic paintings. Johnson identifies an interest in colour as a primary factor in the content and motivation of the work and prides himself on an open and experimental approach with lots of room for risk-taking. Striving to allow intuition to guide his painting process he states that he has learned to accept “unexpected results” from the works, ultimately seeking a unified result with “good colour and character”.





Hybrid Forms

Artist Angela Lane pushes her acrylic, oil and enamel paintings towards the realm of sculpture and installation. Everyday actions of play and discovery are the starting point in the creation of these hybrid forms. Lanes’ core investigation as a painter is the pursuit of forms, as a dynamic organization that bring into play the textures of the world. These forms while referencing abstractions past, find new life in the contemporary as hybrids. The amalgamation of painted illusion with physical form in this exhibition, engages the viewer in a hybrid viewing experience.