Art Explorers Tour Program:  Understanding Art through Senses and Experiences!

Art Explorers
is a 1.5 hour gallery tour program that expands students’ understanding of art through a fun, sensory-based looking approach.  An explorer by definition is somebody who travels to places that were previously unknown or navigated.  Guided by qualified, enthusiastic art educators, students will explore art through:

  • IMG_0123Emotions: How does this painting make you feel?
  • Movement: Can you make your body move like this line?
  • Memory: What does this shape remind you of?
  • Senses: If this colour were a flavour, how would it taste?
  • Imagination: If this sculpture could speak, what would it say?

Art Explorers is designed for teachers in search of a multidisciplinary learning experience to introduce art appreciation, the elements of art and other curriculum topics to their students.  The program welcomes all grade levels!


A lively introduction to the Gallery is followed by a tour and discussion of the current exhibition.  Several educational activities as well as a hands-on project related to the art on display allow students to interact directly with the art.  Our observation is that students leave Art Explorers having found meaning for themselves in the art as well as the confidence to discuss it with others.

We invite you to bring your students to Art Gallery of St Albert so you can all become Art Explorers!  Why not combine an Art Explorers tour with an Art Gallery of St Albert Studio workshop for a creative, full day of art in St Albert?



Memories and Moments

In conjunction with Reconstructions exhibition – Brenda Danbrook

September 1 – October 29, 2016

Curriculum Links: Art and Language Arts

With an artistic practice deeply rooted in traditional craft, Brenda Danbrook boldly crosses the border into the contemporary with her large-scale installation Reconstructions. Her work captures moments beyond the typical narratives; presenting a desire to hold onto a personal moment that exists only as a fleeting instant.

Art Explorers will get a glimpse into the past with this immersive gallery installation, and have the opportunity to make a personal print that explores the relationship between positive and negative space in black and white prints.


Landscape of our Community

In conjunction with Guilded: A River Runs Through exhibition – SAPVAC Members

November 3 – 26, 2016

Curriculum Links: Art and Language Arts

Guilded is a time-honored exhibition at the Art Gallery of St Albert that showcases the wide variety and talent from the St Albert Place Visual Arts Council Guild Members (SAPVAC). With the literary title, A River Runs Through, artists will celebrate the actual and metaphysical landscape of our community. Dating back to the 1960’s SAPVAC boasts five active guilds; St. Albert Potter’s Guild, Painter’s Guild, Floral Arts Society, Quilter’s Guild and Paper Arts Guild.

Art Explorers will be exposed to a huge range of mediums, techniques, styles and concepts during this group exhibition. As a hands-on activity the students will learn bookbinding techniques and create their own journal out of beautiful handmade papers. They will use this special handcrafted journal to then sketch artwork and other visuals that inspires them.


Shifting Balance

In conjunction with Paddy Lamb exhibition – Paddy Lamb

December 1 – January 28, 2017

Curriculum Links: Art, Social Studies, and Language Arts

Concentrating on a specific quarter-section of land east of Edmonton, Lamb develops onsite sketches and collects visual articles, relics of homesteading and farming of the last century. His work explores the imprint of society on nature in a variety of locations.

Art Explorers will learn about composition, line and shape as they tour this exhibit. Following the tour, participants will participate in a “kitchen sink printmaking activity” to take home that showcases line, textures, and their own composition.



Mandate for Art Gallery of St. Albert

To provide enriching educational experiences that celebrates visual culture and artistic achievement through research, exhibition and interpretation


Feedback from past participants and teachers:

It was a wonderful experience for them! Grade 5/6 teacher

I love it as an introduction to the gallery and to artists. It is a beginning “how” to interpret art. Kindergarten teacher

The program gave them experience and exposure to different techniques and tools to create art! Summer Youth Leader

I can’t wait to go back and try some of these ideas! It was wonderful! Grade 1 teacher


Did you know? Art Gallery of St. Albert offers Art Parties for special occasions such as children’s birthdays, as well as a variety of exciting art programs for children, youth and adults year round. Check our website for more information: