Students learn the importance of beading to the Métis people of Alberta, also known as the Flower Beadwork People. 

Whatare thebeliefs, valuesand traditions in your community? TheMétis combined design elements of traditional First Nations quill work and European embroidery and beadwork to decorate their clothing and everyday items.Beadingwas a way to create pattern and tell stories through symbol, designandcolour. 

Beads were asymbol of pride and traditional family designs were passeddown throughgenerations of Indigenous women. Decorativebeading was a contemplative sewing process utilizing three main elements; tradition, symmetry andbalanceStudents will be inspired by traditional Métis beaded floral designs, such as Alberta’s Provincial flower, the Wild Rose, for healing mind and spirit. They will learn a few basic beading and embroidery techniques required to create their own contemporary beading and mixed media art piece. 

Learning  outcomes: 

Students will: 

  • Learn about MEAM (Métis Ecological Arts Message) and why it is so important to respectfully gather natural materials from the land so as not to destroy nature’s balance and bring about the potential extinction of a species (wherever possible students use recycled or reused materials to create their art piece and fine motor skills will be honed through traditional sewing techniques) 

Curriculum Links: 

  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit: Indigenous identities, connections, expressions, preservation, protocol, Elder and Knowledge Keeper oral histories and land-based learning.
  • Art: Develop realistic treatments and refine forms.
  • Social: Alberta’s geography, history and culture, Canada’s geography
  • Science: Plant parts and their function, wetland ecosystems, forests and trees
  • Math: Pattern, repetition, and symmetry

Suggested field trips to pair with: 

An Early Metis Community

Indigenous History with Metis Teachings

Visual Art Studio Field Trips: 

The Art Gallery of St. Albert runs clay and multimedia art field trips in the Visual Art Studios at St. Albert Place, located at 5 St. Anne Street. Parent volunteers are required for our programs to be a successful experience for all, so please provide them with correct address information on your field trip forms. 

St. Albert Place is a public building so it is important to keep voices down when entering the front doors and walking past the elevators to the end of the hall with your class. There are coat hangers available for three different classes under the windows outside of the studios. Please keep your students grouped together and knock on your assigned studio door when you are ready to enter. Instructors will meet you in the hallway to confirm student numbers and inform students and adults of important studio rules before entering. 

Kindly email  or call 780 459 1163 for more information regarding booking a Visual Art Studio field trip. 

In-School Fees:

  • $9 per student (minimum class fee based on 16 students)
  • Added travel fee of $65 for St. Albert and $95 for Edmonton (Please request a quote for all outlying areas)

Studio Fees:

  • $9 per student (minimum class fee based on 16 students)

Virtual Fees:

  • $9 per student (minimum class fee based on 16 students)
  • Includes Art Kit with free pickup at Art Gallery of St. Albert or added fee of $60.00 for delivery in St. Albert and $90 for delivery in Edmonton (Please request a quote for all outlying areas)


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Total Time

1.5 hours


Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Curriculum Link

Art, Creative Expression, First Nations, Métis, Inuit, Science, Social Studies, Virtual field trip


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