Art has always been an integral part of Dalia Saafan’s life. In 1993, she earned her Bachelor of Interior Design degree. Following her graduation, Saafan worked as a graphic designer, and assisted renowned artist Nagi Shaker in the creation of his marionettes. Saafan has taught art, and worked in acrylics as well as various other mediums. In 2005 she began training as a glass artist, a medium that she finds to be unpredictable and unique because the artist is never in control of how the final product will turn out. Saafan draws on Bedoin cultural motifs, Arabic calligraphy, and organic forms for inspiration.


Saafan Plate Waves


14″x 14″

Rental Price $14      Sale Price $350



Saafan Blue

Sky Blue Bubbles

3′ x 14″

Rental Price $18     Sale Price $450



Saafan Bon Apetit

Bon Apetit

14″ x 14″

Rental Price $16      Sale Price $400