Opening Reception and ArtWalk: Thursday, July 3, 6 – 9 pm

Opening Reception sponsored by Rockland Landscaping

July 3 – Aug 2, 2014



Sherri Chaba’s Artist Statement for Retreat

I have lived most of my life in rural Alberta and have a strong personal connection to the land and its history, a connection that has been altered by industrial presence on and near my property.  My experience is reflected in works that merge the industrial with nature and recycled historical objects. I create multimedia installations that draw on issues of ecological and social sustainability.  My work challenges viewers to imagine new ways of considering the environment and our relationship to it.

While I draw on my own experience with natural resources, I also recognize the complexity of experiences through which others view my work.  As a third generation landowner, a member of a rural community and someone whose livelihood has depended on industry, I have developed an understanding of the diverse and competing values—the political, ethical, historical, economic, social and environmental—that position each of us in the debate on natural resources.

As a way of moving beyond the personal, my installation, titled Retreat, challenges people to share their experiences and reflect on them in a wider context.  My hope is that as they bring their knowledge and vision into the space, they will develop a deeper understanding as to where they situate themselves within 21st century dialogues of ecological and societal sustainability.